What happened in January?

January is already over and for us, it was a crazy month (even though we already sense that the next months will be even crazier). The release of this month is called “Simia” (latin for “monkey”), because most of our new features and improvements are focused on agility!

January is already over and for us, it was a crazy month (even though we already sense that the next months will be even crazier). We know you can’t follow everything we post on Medium or on Facebook, so we wanted to write a quick summary packaged into what we could call a “release”. The release of this month is called “Simia” (latin for “monkey”), because most of our new features and improvements are focused on agility!

You can do more and you can do it faster!


Feature #1. Crop that pic!

It was highly requested by most of you: cropping pictures. It’s now a reality in Ludus. You just have to double click and crop the picture the way you like. Very easy!

Read the details in this article.

Feature #2. You deserve a better view!

The Ludus viewer has been greatly improved. It’s a first step of a long process, but this viewer is already much better than it used to be: more elegant, more discrete and lighter. But mainly, you see it only when you need it.

This article explains all the secrets of the new viewer.


The brand new Ludus viewer. You barely see it? That’s the whole point!

Edit SVG directly in Ludus. YES WE LOVE THAT TOO!

Feature #3. Edit SVG on the fly!

You can now copy and paste directly from Illustrator or Sketch, and it’s converted to SVG on the fly. This means you can say goodbye to pixels! You can also break any SVG apart and start editing, scaling, moving or coloring each of its parts.

Everything is explained in details in this article.

You don’t believe us? Try it and you’ll feel it!

Feature #4.

It’s our personal favorite feature. Everything is now faster in Ludus. We mean… really faster. We reworked all our components and working in our editor is now smoother than ever. And that’s not it: our viewer is also using a new engine and it’s now up to twice as fast as the previous one.

Feature #5. Facebook Login

Mark was so desperate we couldn’t keep saying no. It’s now possible to register/login in Ludus via Facebook. Much faster! And if you’d like other login options, please let us know!

Image for post

Specify Start Time and End Time of your video (in seconds).

Feature #6. Trim video

You can now select a specific range in your videos. Define a Start Time and an End Time point and that’s it!

Feature #7. Welcome Proto.io

Prototyping tools in Ludus have a new family member: Proto.io. Exactly like Marvel, Invision or Framer, you can embed a Proto.io prototype with a simple copy and paste.

Read the details in this article.


Proto.io is now part of the Ludus family, alongside Framer, Invision or Marvel. Pick your best friend!


Don’t be afraid of the dark anymore.

Feature #8. Present offline!

Did you know you can export your presentation to be able to present offline? Your slides and all your uploaded assets (video, images, fonts) will be available in a ZIP file, with the exact same experience as the online one. It’s much more powerful compared to the PDF export as it lets you play videos and preserve all your transitions.

Feature #9. Massive bug fixing

Not really a feature, but as always, we keep fixing small but annoying bugs. This month, we focused on fixing issues when editing texts and with unwanted locks. By the way: shortcuts to lock/unlock are now unified and simplified. Just press Cmd+Shift+L and it will lock or unlock your item, according to your current selection.

Feature #10. It’s already there but we won’t tell you :)

We have a super exciting new feature already available in the app, but we’ll wait a few more days to tell you more about it. We have to say, motion designers should love it!

Will you find our hidden but powerful feature? Hint: it’s not that hard to find!

Features are not the only things that happened in January. Some people talked about us, we wrote about our favorite tools and we shared interesting stats.

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We 😍 Typeform!

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What’s better between PowerPoint or Keynote?

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We’ll make sure to keep these monthly recaps alive so you’ll all know what’s happening at Ludus. Let’s catch up in about 30 days! And if you can’t wait one more month, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.