Typeform x Ludus

Once in a month, we present tools that we really love and use in our Ludus presentations. In this article, I’m gonna talk about the benefits of using Typeform forms in your slides and how they can easily be integrated.

Typeform x Ludus

Typeform is a great and easy tool to build your forms. You can subscribe for free and purchase the paid plans if needed.

It can be useful to integrate a form in your presentations, for multiple reasons:

1. Pre-order form

When you release a new product, you may choose to provide a pre-ordering feature to better handle the demand. In that case, you can embed a Ludus presentation on your website and integrate a Typeform form at the end of it.

Example of a fake startup which sells a random cube.

2. Knowledge test

Nowadays, in the context of education, it’s more and more common to provide pre-work or after-work assignments in order to bring the face to face course to a higher level and also be able to easily jump into the course content. You might choose to assess students’ prior knowledge or enhance their memory retention with the help of quizzes. In that context, you can think about sending a Ludus presentation to your students including some content (videos, articles, websites, etc.) to be investigated by the learner and add a Typeform survey at the end of your scenario. Doing that, learners are able to learn alone and connect the provided content with their own acquired knowledge. Afterwards, when meeting with their classmates, they are able to talk about what they’ve just discovered and learn from each other.

Example of a pre-work presentation.

Wanna boost learning with simple quizzes? Get some advices to improve memory retention with surveys.

3. Customer satisfaction survey

Many companies use lots of surveys for very different purposes. It could either be for feedback, information seeking or to evaluate customer/employee satisfaction rate. However, it is sometimes difficult to get enough responses, and consequently, gather enough data. With Ludus, you can provide an attractive context to your audience before they fill out your questionnaire. It will definitely influence your results in a good way.

Don’t know where to start? Have a look at some examples from Typeform.