What do I get if I go Pro?

15 reasons to upgrade and step up your presentation game.

What do I get if I go Pro?

Ludus is based on a freemium model and we’re often asked what’s the added value brought by the Pro plan. All of this is already briefly mentioned on our pricing page, but as it’s clearly not enough to understand all the ins and outs, we thought this topic deserved an article on its own.

What’s already there?

Unlimited presentations

Let’s start with the basics. As soon as you upgrade to a Pro plan, you’re not limited to 20 presentations anymore, you can have as many as you want.

More storage

You’ll also get more storage, from 2GB overall to 10GB per user, but we can already announce that this limit will be increased very soon!

Custom URL

By default, presentation URLs can look very complicated, but with a Pro account, you can choose your own “slug”, so you can get a resulting URL such as https://app.ludus.one/transitions. Be aware that with a custom slug, the URL becomes much easier to guess. In that case, we recommend to protect your presentation with a password if you want to keep it private (see next section).


With a Pro account, you can set a password on your presentation, so only people who know the password will be able to access it.

︎︎︎▶︎ Read more about security

HTML export

On a Free plan, you only have the possibility to export your presentation as a PDF. It’s already very useful for some cases but the result will be a static file missing all your nice integrations and transitions. The HTML export allows you to preserve all this, while still working nicely in an offline setting.

▶︎ Download a sample

Video export

As it name implies, the video export allows you to download a video file (MP4) of your presentation. As a result, you’ll get a video of your auto-playing slides. It’s important to mention that it works perfectly with Ludus Vox, making it a great way to share your talks on video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. This feature is still in beta and not generally available yet but it’s only a matter of weeks before it is for everyone.

︎︎︎▶︎ Download a sample

Speaker View

Whether you need to give a public presentation at an event or a private presentation to your colleagues or customers, it’s always nice to have some kind of interface that you display on a second screen and where you can put your notes, see what’s coming next, and have some kind of timing idea. PowerPoint calls it Presenter View; Keynote calls it Presenter Notes; we call it Speaker View, and it’s available only for our Pro users.

Viewer configuration

Since a few months, Pro users can choose between “minimal” and “social” modes:

  • Minimal mode puts forward your content, it gives as much space as possible for your presentation and is ideal for live presentations.
  • Social mode (default for Free users) is for users who want to share their presentations with a maximum of public visibility. You can see it as a solid alternative to SlideShare. You’re inviting your audience to react, comment, or even clone your presentation.

What will be there next? (2019)

Optimal image/video quality

Very recently, we decided that it was time to stop compromising between speed and quality when it comes to images and videos. Sometimes, you don’t care if it takes longer to load, you just want to have the best possible quality for what you want to show. That’s why we will introduce a new option to activate “High quality” on images and videos for which you do not want to see any compression defects.

Exclusive themes

Now that the templates feature is here, we plan to release new public themes on a regular basis, and a few of them will be exclusive themes that are only available for Pro users.

Advanced editing/viewing rights

This is one of our big topics for the first quarter of 2019: the possibility to invite external people to edit your presentations, without having to create a team. Later, we’ll also make it possible to choose who exactly can view a presentation, making things even more bulletproof than with the shared password feature we already have (read above).


Being able to go back in the past and recover an old version of a presentation is also something we want to provide for our Pro users.


Want to see who viewed your slides? How much time did they stay on each slide? From which countries they are from? This will be possible in a near future, among many other things.

Google Drive integration

Another of our priorities next year is to better integrate with our customers’ workflows. One feature that will help that is to make your Ludus presentations directly available in your Drive, so you only have one place to look to retrieve everything you’re working on (assuming you mainly run on Google tools and products of course).

Custom domain

The custom URL described earlier is already a nice to get more customization but we want to go further and allow you to have your presentations on your own domain. An example of such URL could be https://slides.mycompany.com/mypresentationslug.

Convinced yet?


If so, you can upgrade your Solo account here or your Team account here. If not, no problem, you can continue using our Free version as long as you want.