What happened in March?

This month, our release’s codename is “Octopus”, because we focused on making your life easier by giving you real multi-tasking capabilities.

What happened in March?

Why Ludus?

It’s sometimes challenging to explore the unlimited possibilities Ludus has to offer and it’s possible you have some difficulties to differentiate our tool with other presentation softwares. We made it a lot easier for you and listed 13 things you can do with Ludus and can’t with Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides. There is no reason anymore not to switch to a modern presentation tool like Ludus 😉.

It’s also this month you could learn from the latest Steven Spielberg movie why we chose the name “Ludus”.

Magic Upload

You can now upload images or videos and start working with them immediately. You don’t need to wait until it’s uploaded, Ludus is taking care of your upload in the background. But there is more: you can now upload many files at once (images, videos, Lottie, etc), and it’s all instantly available in Ludus. AMAZINGLY EFFICIENT! 👊

Upload instantly multiple images, videos, etc. Magic!

Smart Menu 1.5: fast and efficient

The Smart Menu just got a little revamp. It’s looking a bit different but it’s also really FAST now. You can find what you’re looking for in an instant. What’s really cool is the fact that we now remember the last thing you did in the menu, so when you re-open it, it comes back at the exact same place you were at. It’s especially handy when you do a lot of back and forths between an image search and your slide. Can you feel it? You just became a little bit more efficient! 🚀

The Smart Menu is now much faster for searching, but it also memorize your last action, so you can go back and forth much quicker.

Slide Manager 2.0

It’s now easy to navigate through your slides with the arrows keys and go directly to the slide you want to work on. Moving, selecting, copying or removing one or several slides at the same time has also become effortless thanks to our new keyboard shortcuts. Learn more about the new Slide Manager in this blog post.

Manage multiple slides at once. Drag, delete, duplicate, copy/paste, etc.

Become an outstanding organizer with our brand new dashboard

Thanks to this new dashboard, you are able to easily search, organize and list your presentations. Wonder how? Everything is explained in this blog post.

Objects distribution

We facilitated the distribution of your elements and added more possibilities to rearrange them. From now on, get an equal distribution between your objects and simply duplicate them with Cmd+D (or Ctrl+D) or via Alt+drag.

Copy/paste text styles

You are now able to capture your text styles and apply it on any text block. Use Cmd+⇧+C to copy the styles and Cmd+⇧+V to paste them (works with Ctrl for PC users). Check our changelog.

Mathematical expression in number inputs

It was a request from many of our users: you can now do various mathematical expression in number inputs. Check out all the new possibilities in our changelog.

Early March, we gave you access to exclusive fonts to make your slides even more special 🌈. Did you already use them?

We’ve been enriching this new category with some creations from Kenji Kaminski, an Ukrainian font designer and also a Ludus power user 🚀. Go read his interview about his professional experience, his way of working and, of course, his favorite Ludus features.

Fast bold

Get your text bold as fast as you want with the new keyboard shortcut Cmd+B (or Ctrl+B). You just need to select your text and use this new trick. Watch the demo in our changelog.

Interview with Hugo Dubs

Hugo is a Creative Technologist at Saatchi & Saatchi in Paris (France), driving innovation in campaign design for the famous ad agency. How he integrates Ludus in his workflow and why he thinks Ludus will become a new standard soon? Discover it here.

It’s not a secret anymore: more and more ad agencies are switching to Ludus.

Pick the color of your choice with our new eye dropper

We developed our own color picker and made it possible to select the exact pixel you are looking for in your current slide. Get more information about it in this blog post and try it out!

March is over but again, new exciting features are coming up in April! Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow uson Medium, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn; or just keep an eye on our changelog :)